Joe Biden made another one of his famous gaffes, and it was a doozy! Actually, it might be better to call this one a "Doocy." At the end of a press briefing yesterday afternoon, Mr. Biden was caught on a "hot mic" calling FOX News White House correspondent Peter Doocy "a stupid son of a b*tch." There was no mistaking what he said, and it rightly set off a storm of controversy.

Here's what happened: As Biden regime "handlers" were forcing the press corps out of the briefing room, Doocy shouted the question, "Do you think inflation is a political liability?" The so-called Commander-in-Chief, apparently thinking his microphone had been turned off, replied sarcastically, "That's a great asset -- more inflation. What a stupid son of a b*tch."

What makes yesterday's vulgar insult particularly hypocritical is that Joe Biden ran for president, almost entirely, on an anti-Trump platform. On World Press Freedom Day in May 2020, he called for a "return to civility ... in America's civic discourse." He also insisted, "In a Biden White House, there will be no bullying of the media from the press room podium or by tweet."

A year ago, shortly after being installed in the White House, Mr. Biden even said: "I'm not joking when I say this: If you're ever working with me and I hear you treat another colleague with disrespect, talk down to someone, I promise you I will fire you on the spot."

Yet, another broken promise from the man most responsible for runaway inflation, a supply-chain crisis, rising violent crime, an ongoing border crisis, compromised military readiness, and a weakened global presence. At least the radical, unhinged Left don't have to worry about mean tweets coming out of the Oval Office. Just make sure you don't ask the "Commander-in-Chief" any tough questions. Sheesh!

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The Biden presidency continues to be a train wreck of missteps, mistakes and failures. When will Americans have enough? It's no wonder there are renewed calls for Joe Biden's resignation, impeachment or removal from office.

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