These excerpts are from an email Grassfire staff received from the office of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) on Monday, January 10, 2022 at 10:04 a.m. ET:


No Good, Very Bad Week

Q: Is it really that bad? 

A: Yes.


Q: How bad?

A: The President of the United States and the Senate Majority Leader are colluding to destroy the institution of the Senate simply because they can’t seem to handle their far-left/progressive flank and explain to them how terrible this is for the country  -- and that it’s a very sharp double-edged sword.    


See attachment and this.


As you’ve been hearing since last week, House/Senate/WH Democrats continue to divert attention from their dramatically stuck $5 Trillion Reckless Tax & Spending Spree – Big Government Socialist Takeover by pivoting . . .yet again . . . to their bevy of election takeover bills, these apparently being in the form of either H.R.4, the John Lewis Voting Rights Act OR S.2747, the Freedom To Vote (cheat) Act.


From what’s been written, apparently the President (& VP? Maybe? Will we notice?) will be in Georgia on Tuesday to highlight what’s allegedly wrong with revamped Georgia voting laws and the need for a federal takeover of elections in GA & across the U.S.A. What likely won’t be spoken of – among many things – is the oh-so little tidbit that GA election laws actually make it easier to vote and harder to cheat than say . . .the state of Delaware. You know who else is from Delaware besides Valerie Bertinelli & Henry Heimlich (R.I.P.), right? The Honest Elections Project has a state-by-state voting laws guide here that is based on . . .fact.


Additionally, President Biden is expected to attack the Senate filibuster, a tool for the minority here that Democrats robustly employ when they’re not in the majority. Make no mistake: This week, Democrats have explicitly stated they want to break the Senate to appease the progressives, calm the frayed AOC nerves of Chuck Schumer, and continue the pursuit of permanent Democrat domination by passing these appalling election takeover bills. These hypocritical desires – in the so-called name of democracy – are in fact a dramatic threat to the well-being of the United States.  


The anticipation is this reprehensible attempt will happen either this Wednesday or Thursday – maybe Friday.


Other than that, have a nice day.


 This is the text of a PDF document attached to the above email:

Democrats’ Radical Takeover — of the Senate, of Elections, of America

Democrats want to use fake hysteria to break the Senate and silence millions of Americans’ voices so they can take over elections and ram through their radical agenda.

1. Fake hysteria

  • More Americans acknowledge President Biden’s election was legitimate than acknowledged President Trump’s election was legitimate (WaPo).
  • More Americans believe voting laws are too lax and insecure than believe they are too restrictive (Morning Consult).
  • 2020 saw the highest turnout in 120 years (WaPo) and 94% said voting was easy (Pew).
  • GA’s new law has more days of early in-person voting than NY; has no-excuse absentee voting unlike NY; and enshrines drop boxes which never existed pre-COVID.
  • TX’s law ends pandemic exceptions like universal drive-thru voting and 24-hour voting. Neither existed in TX before 2020. Neither widely exists in blue states.

2. Break the Senate

  • The filibuster is the only reason millions of Americans have any voice in the current government.
  • Nuking the Senate would silence millions of citizens and entire states.
  • The filibuster prevents all of federal law swinging wildly with every election.
  • The filibuster is not primarily about what bills are stopped. It is the only reason that nearly every bill on nearly every subject that does pass is bipartisan.
  • Sen. Schumer’s nuke push is not a response to the 2020 election or new state laws. As early as July 2019 and August 2020, Senator Schumer was already discussing nuking the filibuster, but only if he won control.
  • A post-nuclear Senate would not be smooth or efficient. An outraged minority of 50 would grind the Senate to an unprecedented halt, including the most basic business.
  • Sen. Robert Byrd (D-WV) testified in 2010 just before his death that while he had “championed reforms when I thought them necessary,” “I oppose cloture by a simple majority, because I believe it would immediately destroy the uniqueness of this institution [and] mean that minority rights would cease to exist in the U.S. Senate.” He said rules changes must be bipartisan and Senators should “jealously guard against efforts to change or reinterpret the Senate rules by a simple majority.”
  • SRCC has past statements and rhetoric from Schumer, Biden, Durbin, et al.

 3. Elections takeover

  • Past Senates have carefully avoided disenfranchising voters and local officials by seizing power over the procedures that govern their own reelections. The 2002 Help America Vote Act was a careful, bipartisan committee product that passed 92-2. Only Sens. Schumer and Hillary Clinton opposed it.
  • In early 2019 long before the 2020 election, January 6th, or new state laws Democrats introduced their sweeping plan to nationalize and take over elections.
  • Democrats’ proposals have sought to neuter voter I.D., force states to legalize ballot harvesting, give public funds to campaigns, and turn the FEC into a partisan body.
  • Their latest iteration would still send public funds to candidates, neuter popular voter I.D. laws, and make voter rolls more erroneous and harder to fix.
  • Two provisions that Democrats’ bill would force nationwide — same-day registration and no-excuse absentees were just taken to the citizens of blue New York as ballot measures last November. They both lost. Why are Democrats trying to reject the election results in states including New York, overrule local officials, and overturn the will of voters?
  • Democrats’ other so-called “voting rights” bill would make Merrick Garland a nationwide elections czar so the partisan Biden DOJ could target red states. The partisan Attorney General who is frivolously suing states where Democrats lose would now get to dictate changes without having to win in court.

4. Silence millions of Americans to ram through radicalism

  • This push began in 2019. It is not about what any state did in 2021. It is about Sen. Schumer’s stated goal to fundamentally “change America.”
  • Voters gave President Biden the narrowest possible Senate majority and negative coattails in the House. Voters denied Democrats a sweeping mandate to transform anything. So Sen. Schumer wants to break the rules to do it anyway.
  • We know what the far left wants to do in a post-nuclear Senate:
  • o Pack the Senate with new states
    o Pack the Supreme Court
    o Bankrupt the heartland with the Green New Deal
    o Defund the police
    o Open borders, amnesty, and voting for illegal immigrants
    o Attack free speech and the First Amendment
    o Attack the Second Amendment for law-abiding Americans
    o Force abortion-on-demand upon all 50 states