Yesterday as he came out of his White House summit on the budget, Sen. Chuck Schumer openly admitted what Grassfire has been telling you for weeks...

The Uniparty is SELLING OUT our own border in favor of sending BILLIONS to Ukraine!Β Here's what Schumer said when asked about border security.

"Let me make it clear. The overwhelming sentiment of that meeting is that we've got to do Ukraine now. There are other issues including border which we should address, but not now."

Click below to watch Schumer SELL OUT our border!

Schumer and the RINO-Left Uniparty WILL NOT STOP until their BORDER SELLOUT is complete!

They are openly putting their beloved $60 BILLION for Ukraine ahead of securing our border and, we believe, even AHEAD OF FUNDING THE GOVERNMENT!


They will use the threat of a government shutdown to complete their border sellout and get their prized Ukraine funding.

Schumer said it yesterday -- they are SELLING OUT our border to send BILLIONS to Ukraine! Billions we do not have! Billions of more borrowing!

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