Please see the urgent "S.O.S." from Pastor Abraham in India. The COVID crisis is worsening. He has pastors who are "gasping for life" and need help immediately.

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Steve Elliott, Grassfire

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From: Pastor R. Abraham
Subject: S.O.S. for India -- pastors "gasping for life"
Date: May 8, 2021 at 9:45:15 AM EST

One of our pastors just perished today. Others are clinging to life. Please see below, and please help as you can and as the Lord leads. --Pastor Abraham

From: Dehli, India

This is an SOS call out to the world in regard to the COVID Crisis that has hit India the past two weeks.

We just recorded the highest one-day total of COVID cases in the world (with reporting ONLY from the cities) of a staggering number of 419,000 cases and over 4,000 reported deaths in a day.

+ + Our pastors are "gasping for life" 

Our pastors in the indigenous villages are also suffering as the pandemic has reached their front door.

We just learned that one of our pastors, Pastor Sudhir, just lost his battle to COVID a few hours ago. Earlier this week, we had sent emergency funds to help Pastor Sudhir. We are heartbroken.

Other pastors are gasping for life, like Pastor Sam John (pictured here).

With the national supply of oxygen at an all-time low in all the states of India, the medical infrastructure has come to its knees. Doctors and medical workers have no answer for the amount of people who either need a hospital bed or require oxygen. Epidemiologists are now talking about 1 MILLION deaths by this August.

 + + My Urgent S.O.S....

At this time we are reaching out to the world to help us take care of our pastors, communities and churches that are suffering at unimaginable proportions. Just about EVERY CALL I receive is another crisis -- a pastor or church member's life hangs in the balance. Loved ones can't afford to bury the dead.

Will you partner with Christ For India as we work to save lives and help those who are being devastated by India's COVID crisis? Your tax-deductible gift of $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000 or more will make a difference is SAVING LIVES right now in India! Go here now to help Christ For India reach out during this COVID crisis and continue other ministry efforts:

+ + Situation is Critical

The situation is critical. People desperately need help. Many need oxygen to live, but the only oxygen available is on a "black market" and the cost is TEN TIMES what it normally is.

Christ For India is one of the largest Christian ministries in all of India. God has uniquely positioned us to help those who are suffering in my country. We have a network of 4,500 churches in addition to orphanages, Bible schools, and schools for battered women.

Please pray for my country. Ask God how you can help. That's all I ask.

Thank you so much, and God bless,

God bless,

Pastor R. Abraham, Founder
Christ For India

P.S. Please pray for Pastor Sudhir's family as they grieve their loss. And pray for others who are clinging to life and need help. There are so many needs. Every gift will make a difference. Thanks in advance, and go here:

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