Sign The National Petition To "Protect Our Elections!"

Democrats and RINOs are pushing a radical, far-left bill aimed at stealing future elections. "The Corrupt Politicians' Act" would open the door to unconstitutional, one-party rule across the United States of America. In a direct response to MAGA Republicans questioning and challenging the results of the highly suspect results of the 2020 election, this "Trojan Horse" bill would change the rules for objecting to presidential electors.

But it gets even worse. This hyper-partisan legislation would allow voting in a presidential election FOR UP TO FIVE DAYS AFTER THE POLLS CLOSE in the event of what Democrats broadly define as a "catastrophic event"! As they did a year ago, it's time for GOP Senators to block the Democrats' answer to their failed effort to override state election laws with H.R.1/S.1.

The Senate may take up this bill AT ANY MOMENT. So, if you want to PROTECT OUR ELECTIONS, complete the form below to sign this petition. Demand Senators say "NO!" to a Democrat takeover of future U.S. elections!

Petition: I Demand Congress "Protect Our Elections!"

I'm signing this petition to oppose any and all efforts by Democrats to ENGINEER the results of future elections, as they did in the presidential and U.S. Senate races in 2020. The hyper-partisan "Presidential Election Reform Act" is similar to previous legislation that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) called "a one-party takeover of our political system" and "a partisan power-grab." That's why I urge GOP and moderate lawmakers to "Protect Our Elections!"

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