Happy Fourth of July! Two things have become abundantly clear over the past two weeks: "America First" patriots are pro-life and pro-country. As radical Democrats, the Unhinged Left and the "woke" mobs have unleashed their anger and hostility against the Supreme Court, liberty-loving Americans have celebrated a recent string of constitutional victories.

In response to the recent judicial "wins" on gun rights, abortion, public prayer and climate change, Grassfire created our new "Pro-Life, Pro-America" ReStickers. These patriotic, 3" x 9" state-of-the-art bumper stickers can be applied and re-applied to almost any smooth surface. Use them to share your support for our great nation's founding principles of "Life, Liberty and Limited Government."

In appreciation for your contribution of $30 or more today, we'll send you two of our "Pro-Life, Pro-America" ReStickers. But as a special bonus, you'll also receive two American Flag ReStickers (2" x 4") when you support our grassroots efforts this month. Display them on your car, truck, van, SUV or anywhere else you want to share a bold "America First" message!

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Standing for life, liberty and limited government,

The Grassfire Team

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