President Trump isn't going anywhere, and he hasn't stopped fighting to keep "American First." Last week, our 45th Commander-in-Chief announced that he'll hold "Make America Great Again" rallies in four states this summer: Florida, Ohio, Georgia and North Carolina. Also, through the "Office of the Former President" and his website, Mr. Trump continues to communicate and connect with his supporters.

To commemorate the Trump presidency and the impending return of MAGA rallies, Grassfire is, once again, offering team members our "Never Stop Fighting!" print.

The powerful photo shows President Trump exiting "Marine One" after touching down in Texas during one of his final acts as Commander-in-Chief. He traveled to the Lone Star State to inspect a section of the border wall that his administration had built.

The quote on this exclusive, commemorative print captures the true spirit of the Trump presidency. Taken from an address to the U.S. Coast Guard Academy in 2017, it reads:

"I will never stop fighting for the American people."

Donald Trump made that statement repeatedly during his presidency and is living up to it now. Our "Never Stop Fighting!" print serves as a constant reminder that our 45th president just won't quit. Even though the Bidens now reside in the White House, 74 million pro-Trump Americans are looking to the former Commander-in-Chief to continue leading the "America First" movement.

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When Grassfire first offered our "Never Stop Fighting!" print in January, it was available for ONLY a limited time. The goal was to create something rare, special and exclusive for our team members -- not flood the market with another Trump commemorative.

But if you act now -- before Tuesday morning's deadline -- you can own one (or two) of these 8" x 10" limited-edition prints. With less than 400 currently in circulation, you can be assured that "Never Stop Fighting!" will be a unique addition to your home or office.

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For life, liberty and limited government,

The Grassfire Team

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