Yesterday, Joe introduced a ridiculous economic plan for 2024. He wants $6.9 TRILLION in federal spending next year. His unreasonable, unsustainable and laughable tax-and-spend proposal would balloon America's current $31.5 TRILLION national debt by 60% -- to $51 TRILLION -- over the next 10 years! The New York Post reports:

The federal debt as a share of US gross domestic product (GDP) would swell to a record 110% by 2033, up from 98% this year – shattering a dubious record that has stood since the end of World War II. ...

A ballooning federal debt means more taxpayer dollars will go toward footing the bill for interest payments on past spending rather than funding necessary projects in the future.

The $6.9 TRILLION that Joe's Regime wants to spend in 2024 is more than any year during the pandemic. That runaway spending led to skyrocketing inflation, rising fuel costs and pushed the U.S. economy to recession! The nonpartisan Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget says Joe's "excessive" proposal calls for 55% MORE FEDERAL SPENDING than the year BEFORE the pandemic.

+ + Should Congress Stop Joe's "Spending Insanity"?

You've probably heard the word "insanity" defined as "doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result." As interest rates climb, energy costs rise, inflation balloons and a recession worsens, Joe's regime is doubling down on radical, leftist, socialist government spending that could bankrupt America.

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