The Beijing Winter Olympics are proving to be a "ratings disaster" for NBC. The exclusive U.S. broadcaster of the 2022 Games and its partner networks are receiving their lowest TV viewership EVER. Yahoo! Sports reports:

NBC is facing a cataclysmic loss of audience for the 2022 Winter Olympics as viewership tanked for Friday's Opening Ceremony, averaging just 16 million.

It is a record low for the Opening Ceremony (20.1 million for 1988 in Calgary was the previous record) and a whopping 43 percent below the 2018 Games in South Korea that notched 28.3 million viewers despite also dealing with a less than advantageous Asian time zone for American audiences.

It comes on the heels of Thursday's ratings disaster that saw just 7.7 million people tune in, dramatically below same-night audiences of 2018 (16 million) and 2014 from Russia (20.02 million).

Ouch! The 20% audience drop for the Opening Ceremony is especially bad when you consider the current U.S. population (332 million) versus 1988's (245 million). In 2022, America is home to 87 million more people, but NBC still had FOUR MILLION LESS VIEWERS on Friday night than their previous low.

Grassfire doesn't think NBC's crash-and-burn ratings have anything to do with a lack of patriotism. It's a lack of support for a "woke" Olympics. Two years ago, China unleashed a pandemic that cost millions of lives and trillions of dollars around the world. The communist, "host" nation also has a HORRIBLE human rights record stretching back decades.

The American people aren't stupid. Their lack of interest in the Beijing Games proves it. If anyone tries to blame NBC's abysmal ratings on a decline in U.S. patriotism, Grassfire's "Stars & Stripes" offer can prove that theory is ABSOLUTELY FALSE.

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U.S. Population Estimated at 332,403,650 on Jan. 1, 2022 (Census·gov)

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