We just received our biggest shipment EVER of 3' x 5' American flags! An amazing 500 "Star-Spangled Banners" arrived in the Grassfire warehouse this afternoon! We received the good news via text from our fulfillment manager:

FYI — flags just arrived!

That means our supply of the "Red, White & Blue" is, once again, available for FREE, immediate shipping! Grassfire has sold so many 3' x 5' U.S. flags to team members recently that we were forced to "go big" with last week's rush order of "Old Glory." Now, they're here and ready to go!

With Joe Biden's approval numbers falling and the inflation rate rising, there's never been a better time for American patriots to boldly and proudly fly our great nation's "Colors." We've been amazed and humbled by the response to our "Stars & Stripes" offer. So, don't miss out!

Click here or on the banner below now to receive one 3' x 5' American flag in appreciation for your contribution of $20 or more to help Grassfire build. Contribute $40 or more, and we'll send you THREE "Star-Spangled Banners." Plus, shipping is FREE! Go here:

Our warehouse staff will resume FREE, immediate shipping of "Old Glory" on Monday. Don't let the radical, unhinged Left, the "woke" mob and FAKE NEWS fool you: Patriotism is alive and well across the U.S.A.

Based on the recent response we've seen for our "Stars & Stripes" offer, you won't want to wait to reserve your 3' x 5' American flag. If demand remains high, those 500 "Star-Spangled banners" will go fast.

Show your family, friends and neighbors exactly where you stand! Click here to receive the "Red, White & Blue" when you support Grassfire with a contribution of $20, $40 or more. Thanks, in advance, for your generous support.

For life, liberty and limited government,

The Grassfire Team

P.S. We don't have a Rolodex of deep-pocket donors, angel investors or wealthy benefactors underwriting our grassroots efforts. Grassfire offers patriotic products to our team members so we can REPORT TRUTH that empowers you to TAKE ACTION. Help us build in 2022 and receive the "Stars & Stripes" as our gift. Simply click here or on the banner below now:

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