Dear Senator,


Despite the Durham Report exposing what some are calling a "seditious conspiracy" and "attempted coup" to take down President Trump, the witch hunts keep coming against him with no end in sight: two bogus impeachments; the January 6 investigations; the ridiculous and unnecessary FBI raid on Mr. Trump's home; his ridiculous indictment, arrest and arraignment in New York City; a bogus sexual assault civil suit; and more unfounded pending indictments. When is enough enough?


I was outraged by the truth that's come to light in the Durham Report about the Russia hoax, which clearly had the goal of undermining America's 45th Commander-in-Chief and destroying his presidency. But now, Attorney General Merrick Garland's Department of "Justice" has indicted President Trump over classified documents. I object in the strongest possible terms to this bogus, Biden-DOJ, witch-hunt against America's 45th Commander-in-Chief.


I'm faxing today to demand GOP Senators take action to stop the attacks on President Trump! The American people are seeing the ugliest side of our two-tiered justice system, where our nation's 45th Commander-in-Chief is indicted, but Joe Biden gets a free pass for holding classified documents in his GARAGE and MULTIPLE OFFICES from his time as a Senator AND Vice President! And don't get me started about Bill and Hillary Clinton's mishandling of classified materials and the ZERO consequences they paid for it!


I demand Senate Republicans, along with principled Democrats on Capitol Hill, take immediate action to stop the constant, outrageous attacks against President Trump. Please note, I'm monitoring how congressional Republicans work to stop these personal and political witch hunts and will vote accordingly. Thank you, in advance, for your immediate and forceful response to my call to action.




A Taxpaying, American Patriot