President Trump is the clear 2024 GOP front-runner and a virtual lock for the Republican presidential nomination. That's scaring the radical, unhinged Democrats AND the Uniparty GOP Establishment to death. Why else would Joe's Regime and their ilk be intensifying their Trump attacks?

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After President Trump's mug shot was released last week, the Left was absolutely giddy. In their minds, they finally "got Trump." But now that their attempt at shame, ridicule and humiliation has backfired -- generating EVEN MORE SUPPORT for America's 45th Commander-in-Chief -- they're absolutely petrified he'll win.

+ + Trump Attacks Intensifying!

Last week's Atlanta "clown show" should be the last straw for Trump supporters. The tyrannical actions of the Biden regime and its two-tiered justice system should galvanize the "America First" movement to support "TRUMP 2024."

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They couldn't defeat Trump's "America First" agenda when he was in office. Their witch hunts and bogus impeachments didn't work to kick him out, so radical Democrats with the help of RINO Republicans engineered their desired election outcome in 2020.

No, with President Trump leading in the polls, they're intensifying the attacks to take down their chief political rival and leading 2024 presidential candidate. Isn't it time to show your support by flying a "TRUMP 2024" flag? Click here.

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