Mitch, Chuck and Hakeem are putting the SQUEEZE on. We're headed for another late-night, backroom spending SCAM. Go here to take action and see below for the latest. --Grassfire

It's like a bad NIGHTMARE that never ends...

Yesterday's summit at the White House with Congressional leaders proved just one thing...

The UNIPARTY is setting us up for another late-night, backroom, dirty deal that FURTHER DESTROYS OUR NATION through government spending and debt.

Punchbowl News summed it up this morning...

...[P]arty leaders and the White House are doing exactly what they always do – crafting 12 bills behind closed doors and jamming them through Congress very late in the process."


The UNIPARTY is putting enormous pressure on Speaker Johnson and the GOP House to take their dirty deal with NOTHING DONE TO SECURE OUR BORDER!

If you are outraged by yet another SECRET, BACKROOM SPENDING SCAM, then FAX key House GOP leaders today and say STOP THE SCAM! These GOP leaders are the last line of defense. Go here to deliver your personalized message NOW:

Pressure is ramping up. Mitch, Chuck and Hakeem left the White House UNITED against Johnson and anyone who dares to stand in the way of the UNIPARTY.

If you want to have a voice, GO HERE NOW.

Thanks for taking action.


P.S. Today is a critical day. If you care about our country, fax leaders today and call your Rep: 202-225-3121.

Source: Punchbowl News