"Every member of Hamas is a dead man." --Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

The above quote from the Israeli leader illustrates how far officials in the Jewish state are willing to go in order to secure the safety and security of its people. As the war against Hamas entered a fifth day, Israel ramped up its rhetoric and resolve to wipe out the brutal terror group. Netanyahu also said yesterday:

"The fate of our country is laid on the table. ... We saw boys and girls bound who were shot in the head, men and women burned alive; young men who were raped and slaughtered; soldiers who were beheaded."

Also on Wednesday, Joe Biden told a round-table of U.S. Jewish leaders that Saturday was the deadliest day for Jews since the Holocaust. "We're working on every aspect of the hostage crisis in Israel," he added. "I have not given up hope. I'm bringing these folks home."

Hamas is believed to have captured more than 160 hostages, including up to 17 U.S. nationals. Earlier today, CBN News reported, "Citizens from 36 nations are missing, murdered or hostages, including at least 25 Americans killed."

Also according to CBN News, Israel Defense Forces (IDF) liberated the village of Be'eri, revealing gruesome, new Hamas atrocities, including executions. "This is a massacre. This is a pogrom," an IDF major general insisted. He also said:

"People that were captured, their hands were locked and someone killed them. Children in the same room, and someone came and killed them all. Fifteen girls, teenagers, were put in the same room, and they threw in a hand grenade."

As the fighting rages and the death toll rises on both sides, Joe's Regime is standing by America's greatest ally in the Middle East. U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken arrived in Jerusalem today and cautioned nations and terror groups against "taking advantage of the current crisis to attack" the Holy Land.

"The United States has Israel's back," he warned.

What about you? Do you support Israel in their war against Hamas?

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