GRASSFIRE -- Last month, Grassfire shared an inspiring quote on our Facebook page. Within 48 hours, it had reached more than 338,000 people and been shared nearly 2,500 times! "Always Pray" made an immediate impact on social media. Once you read it, you can see why...

Always pray to have eyes that see the best in people, a heart that forgives the worst, a mind that forgets the bad, and a soul that never loses faith in God.

We feel like the quote comes at just the right time for America. With the Left's endless attacks against President Trump, their war against preborn and post-born infants, and the hypocrisy of so many in our nation's capital, we all need to hold onto things that are uplifting and encouraging.

So, the Grassfire team decided, once again, to offer a beautiful 11" x 14" print of "Always Pray" that's suitable for framing in your home or office. However, this one's a little different than the version we offered team members last month. We received several requests to offer a newly designed "Always Pray" print with black lettering on a white background.

In appreciation for your contribution of $25 or more to help Grassfire build in 2019, we'll send you our NEW "Always Pray" print. Shipping is free! Click here or on the banner below to order:

Grassfire listened to feedback from our team members and are giving them this "new look" print of "Always Pray." We want to sell 100 of them THIS WEEKEND. If you want one, please respond in the next 48 hours. That way, I can send a list of orders with your name and address to our warehouse first thing Monday and begin the shipping process.

Click here to receive an "Always Pray" print (11" x 14") in appreciation for your contribution of $25 or more to help Grassfire build. (Note: You receive only the printed quote. No matte or frame is included.)

Again, this is your opportunity to be among the first team members to receive our new "Always Pray" print. We'll ship you this 11" x 14" keepsake in appreciation for you contribution of $25 or more to help Grassfire build. Request yours by clicking here or on the banner below now:

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