NEW: A rallying cry for Trump supporters

"Fight for Trump!" is the new rallying cry for grassroots patriots who love and defend the President. After Grassfire staff saw powerful video of Trump supporters calling for the GOP to stop playing nice, get mad and fight for our Commander-in-Chief, we took action.

Yesterday, we rushed our "Fight For Trump!" ReStickers into production and sent the exclusive design to the printer. Today, we need to finalize our order so we can ship them to Grassfire team members THIS WEEK.

We have a VERY SHORT window of opportunity on this. So, if you want two of these new, pro-Trump, state-of-the-art bumper stickers, Grassfire MUST hear from you NOW!

Click here or on the banner below and we'll ship you two "Fight For Trump!" ReStickers in appreciation for a contribution of ANY AMOUNT to help us build:

(Click here for "bulk" orders of 10, 25 or even 50 "Fight For Trump!" ReStickers.)

Our "Fight For Trump!" ReStickers can be applied and re-applied to virtually any smooth surface. Display them on your car, truck, van, SUV or anywhere you want to send a bold, pro-Trump message. Use them as a rallying cry to support the President!

Grassfire created these ReStickers to commemorate an incredible moment of unity and defiance by supporters of America's Commander-in-Chief. If you share the anger and sense of urgency that millions of the President's voters are feeling across the country right now, please go here and help Grassfire build.

Finally, shipping is ABSOLUTELY FREE via First Class mail. So don't wait, order now! We must hear from you BEFORE NOON TODAY to finalize our order. Thanks, in advance, for standing with President Trump.

The Grassfire Team

P.S. The GOP needs to realize that millions of grassroots patriots are fed up with Republican leaders' play-fight-and-surrender strategy. Do you want the "Establishment" in Washington, D.C. to take action by supporting America's Commander-in-Chief and stopping the steal of the 2020 election? If so, tell everyone in your community EXACTLY where you stand! Click here or on the banner below now to receive two "Fight For Trump!" ReStickers in appreciation for your contribution of ANY AMOUNT to help Grassfire:

Click here for "bulk" orders of 10, 25 or even 50 "Fight For Trump!" ReStickers.


@gracesaldanaa (Twitter)

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  • Jim Billings
    commented 2020-12-14 20:15:55 -0500
    The deep state includes many seats of power including the FBI and many other agency’s,. To Include judges., They have the power to deny truth. It appears the only way to remedy this is to disenfranchise the republican party. Build a new party called truth and justice.
  • Wesley A Miner
    commented 2020-12-08 18:09:29 -0500
    It’s nothing but grand theft from the left ! Trump won 70,000000 votes and 400 electoral votes ! Dirty thieving Democrats trying steal election