The Trump campaign held a rally in North Carolina yesterday that reminded us what presidential campaign stops should look like. Reports indicate that more than 15,000 people attended the event on the tarmac of Smith Reynolds Airport in Winston-Salem. The huge turnout was an incredible display of enthusiasm and appreciation for America's Commander-in-Chief.

The President has returned to what political pundits call "retail politics." It's how most U.S. presidential campaigns have been won. It involves shaking hands, meeting people and generating excitement about a candidate. It's exactly what Mr. Trump is doing, while Democrat nominee Joe Biden continues, essentially, hiding in his basement. (The President recently gave his opponent the nickname "Hidin' Biden" because the former vice president is mostly missing in action.)

When the Democrat nominee does emerge from underground, like the groundhog Punxsutawney Phil, he is very low energy, rarely engages with his pool reporters, and looks lost when forced to go off script. His campaign events involve only small groups of people who are all six to ten feet apart. It looks like the Biden campaign makes little or no effort to create an environment that will generate any excitement or interest at all.

That brings us back to the President’s rally yesterday. At the high point of the event, Mr. Trump was speaking about his love for America and its people when a spontaneous chant erupted from the huge crowd: 

"We love you! We love you! We love you! We love you!”

The President, who endures a near-constant barrage of hate from the radical Left, seemed deeply touched by the moment. We can only imagine how much energy it gave our Commander-in-Chief to stand before a crowd of 15,000 patriots and hear that chant. They weren't screaming his name or "Make America great again!" or "Four more years!" The men, women and children at the rally were simply yelling, "We love you!" as an expression of their appreciation and affection for Donald J. Trump. (Click here to see the video.)

The enthusiasm and excitement the Trump campaign has been generating recently is beginning to show up in the polls. But, as the radical Left continues their verbal and ideological assaults against the President, they're also attacking free speech, religious liberties, the right to life, gun rights and so many of our other founding principles and values. Americans MUST pick a side in the fight to save this great nation.

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