President Trump wants kids to return to the classroom this Fall. But the radical Left hates our Commander-in-Chief so much that they seem determined to keep schools closed even if it hurts our children.

Science says it's safe to re-open schools, which would go a long way to getting society and our economy back on track before Election Day. Other nations fighting the pandemic have decided to re-open schools with little to no problems or concerns.

In fact, Reuters reports that one German study found a low coronavirus infection rate in schools. Researchers at the University Hospital of Dresden took blood samples from nearly 1,500 students (age 14 to 18) and 500 teachers. Of the 2,000 people tested, only 12 (.6%) had COVID-19 antibodies. Those results reportedly "gave no evidence that school children play a role in spreading the virus particularly quickly."

Many Americans think there's a political agenda at work to keep schools closed. But others insist keeping classrooms shuttered is necessary to protect students and teachers. Grassfire received word this week that some cities and states are calling for virtual-only, at-home learning until November -- either just before or shortly after the presidential election!

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America doesn't need to extend draconian lockdowns and shutdowns to reduce the threat of coronavirus. There's a lot we can do to protect those most at risk while still allowing children to return to the classroom. Go here to demand lawmakers "Get Kids Back To School!" Thanks, in advance, for taking action.

For life, liberty and limited government,

The Grassfire Team

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