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Will the Republican battle over choosing the next Speaker of the House end today? POLITICO's congressional reporter posted on Twitter late last night that it's possible -- but not likely. Olivia Beavers tweeted this about ongoing efforts to hand Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) the Speaker's gavel:

"McCarthy's team laid out a compromise that would give in to nearly every demand expressed by the current defectors. Plan discusses everything from rules committee seats to house floor vote guarantees, a source familiar tells me. ... (T)hat compromise was taken favorably… but still not sure if it will get them across the finish line."

But just before midnight, Beavers tweeted again that a GOP House member told her up to 10 McCarthy "holdouts won't be swayed by this offer." The House Minority Leader for the 117th Congress has lost six votes over the past two days, even though he's already moved into the Speaker's office.

So, when Representatives convene again at noon ET today, will the seventh time "be a charm"? Please tell us what you think by voting in our "Do You Support Kevin McCarthy?" QuickPoll. We want to deliver results to House leadership BEFORE their next session begins about three hours from now.

What do you think? Whether you SUPPORT or OPPOSE Kevin McCarthy for the next Speaker of the House, Grassfire is empowering you to take immediate action. Make your voice heard by voting "Yes!" or "No!" in our QuickPoll now:


Nearly two dozen "America First" Republican House members say McCarthy is cut from the same cloth as former GOP RINO House Speakers John Boehner and Paul Ryan. But more than 200 other Republicans in the House want to get to work behind McCarthy to stop the Biden Regime's failures and tyranny.

Someone needs 218 votes to become Speaker of the House. Even with 20 "No" votes and one "present," McCarthy is much, much closer to victory than any other Republican. Please let us know if you SUPPORT or OPPOSE McCarthy for Speaker by casting your "Yes!" or "No!" vote now. Thanks, in advance, for taking immediate action this morning.

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