Joe Biden's insistence on nominating someone to the Supreme Court of the United State's based on their race and gender is not appropriate for a lifetime appointment to America's High Court. Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson has been criticized for her apparent support for divisive Critical Race Theory, weak sentencing for convicted child predators and having key rulings overturned by higher courts.

Jackson also was unable (or unwilling) to define what a "woman" is during her Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. You can call on Republican Senators to stop efforts to award a lifetime appointment to an activist judge who's "soft" on crimes against children. 

+ + Tell Republicans To Vote Against Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson's Nomination

If you do NOT want the Senate to confirm Joe Biden's nominee to the Supreme Court of the United States, make your voice heard. Sign the national petition to "Vote No On Joe Biden's SCOTUS Nominee!" and Grassfire will deliver your petition to GOP leaders on Capitol Hill when we reach 20,000 signatures.

Petition: Vote "NO!" On Joe Biden's SCOTUS Pick!

Joe Biden promised to choose his nominee for the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) based on race and gender. Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is an "activist" judge who reportedly supports Critical Race Theory and coddling child predators. I'm signing this national petition to call on Republican Senators to vote "NO!" on a lifetime appointment for Mr. Biden's SCOTUS pick.

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