Don't believe the media lies about Joe's address. PLEASE SEE BELOW. Biden just laid out the most RADICAL agenda perhaps ever heard in such an address. Grassfire needs 150 friends to stand with us by midnight tomorrow to FIGHT BACK against this "blitzkrieg" takeover of our nation. Please go here to help, and see below for our analysis. --Grassfire

Last night, Joe Biden unleashed the next wave of the most RADICAL administration in history.

And once again, he used the pandemic as his "cover." Instead of the usual crowd of 1,600 lawmakers and guests, a mostly friendly crowd of only about 200 were allowed to attend due to COVID and "security" concerns. Mr. Biden's speech was supposed to be a celebration of his "First 100 Days." But for tens of millions of Americans, there's not much to celebrate.

+ + Joe attacks Constitution and LIES about 2nd Amendment...

The career politician -- who Big Tech and FAKE NEWS sold to the American people as a moderate -- has NOT governed from the center, as promised. Instead, he has jerked the country to the far-left, issuing dozens and dozens of executive orders and promoting legislation that panders to and benefits the most extreme factions of the Democrat party.

Last night was no different.

From his "bully pulpit," Mr. Biden (among other things) attacked the Constitution, lied about the Second Amendment (again), pushed for passage of the so-called Equality Act, and failed to address the illegal-immigration crisis, while ushering in what CNN ridiculously called "moderate radicalism."

+ + "Cradle To Grave Government"!

But there's nothing "moderate" about Joe's agenda!

The Wall Street Journal was much more accurate in labeling the regime's plan "Biden's Cradle-to-Grave Government":

"The progressive hits keep coming from the Biden Administration, and the latest is the $1.8 trillion American Families Plan introduced in broad strokes on Wednesday. It’s more accurate to call this the plan to make the middle class dependent on government from cradle to grave. The government will tell you sometime later, after you’re hooked to the state, how it will force you to pay for it. ...

"But the cost, while staggering, isn't the only or even the biggest problem. The destructive part is the way the plan seeks to insinuate government cash and the rules that go with it into all of the major decisions of family life. The goal is to expand the entitlement state to make Americans rely on government and the political class for everything they don’t already provide." (Emphasis added)

+ + Battle for America's Soul...

Mr. Biden's speech proved that we're in a battle for the very soul of our nation. It's being waged through an IDEOLOGICAL WAR FOR LIBERTY that's underway for the hearts and minds of Americans.

This fight is at the very center of everything we do here at Grassfire. Our team pushes back against radical Democrats, the Unhinged Left and the "woke mob" every day through our email, web and social-media efforts that reach millions with the WINNING IDEAS of life, liberty and limited government.

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For life, liberty and limited government,

The Grassfire Team

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