It starts.

The Pelosi-Impeachment era has begun. The Democrats were barely done with their swearing in ceremonies when they had already filed the first articles of impeachment bill against President Trump. Speaking of swearing, the newly-elected Rashida Tlaib boldly proclaimed to supporters that "we are going to go in and impeach the motherXXXXX," and followed that up by doubling down "unapologetically" that she will "always speak truth to power." Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi was touting that she's equal in power to the President.

My friend, we're in for a battle unlike any we have seen!

Who's going to fight back?

Can we count on the Republican Congress? I'm not sure. It didn't take long for Mitt Romney to begin attacking the President openly and blatantly. Clearly, he is preparing the ground for his own post-impeachment run at the White House. In doing so, he exposed himself as just another member of the Establishment Swamp (of course, we knew that). But can Republicans be counted on to stand up to the newly-empowered anti-Trump mob with their planned political lynching along with the full support of the high-tech Silicon Valley masters of our universe? I think not.

So it will fall to President Trump.

And you.

And me.

And a grassroots army that is willing to stand up and say NO to the Establishment, and NO to the Swamp, and NO to the one-party politics that has pushed America to the brink of cultural collapse.

Let's be clear: President Trump is not perfect. Far from it, In many ways, he is incredibly flawed. But he is the FIRST President to speak truth to the politically correct powers, and to do it EVERY DAY!

But he can't stand alone! The Left is empowered like never before to destroy this president, destroy the Pro America agenda, and push us into what Ronald Reagan called a "thousand years of darkness." That's why we must stand!

Here at Grassfire, we've taken the most significant technological steps in our history to be ready for THIS DAY. We changed EVERYTHING! We have risked it all because we believe this is the most critical time in our lifetimes to stand for liberty. But we must stand together!

Right now, we are gearing up to PUSH BACK against Pelosi's outrageous budget plan that provides ZERO dollars to building the wall while funneling billions to far-Left priorities. But Grassfire needs YOUR financial support to make this happen!

Will you stand with me as Grassfire builds "wall" of support for liberty and limited government and against the attacks of the emboldened Left against the President's "Make America Great" agenda? Go here to help now:

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Yes, it has begun. Their goal is to destroy this President and his agenda. They want to cement their control over our nation for decades to come. We can fight back. We MUST fight back. But we must stand together. Help Grassfire build the army for this fight!

For liberty and limited government,

Steve Elliott

P.S. If you missed Tucker Carlson's response to the Romney betrayal, and what's really behind this attack, I encourage you to watch both Part One and Part Two. As Carlson notes, this fight is very much about the essence of our culture and our families. And please help Grassfire fight! Thanks in advance.

Steve Elliott


Steve Elliott is the co-founder of Grassfire, a 1.5 million member liberty-based citizen network. Steve likes to talk about politics, tech, faith and family.