I just cancelled my cable TV subscription.

I've had it.

Before COVID-19 and the riots, conservative thought was under attack. But now, the situation is so outrageous, there's really NO REASON to sit in front of a TV anymore.

  • You can't watch almost anything without having corporate or "public service" advertisements pushing the "shelter in place" lockdown or the cultural Marxist agenda.
  • Plus, it's been a long time since I got my NEWS from network or cable sources. With our nation drowning in a sea of COVID lies and Marxist riots, the liberal media is openly trying to destroy our country.
  • And there is NO WAY I'm going to watch professional athletes DISRESPECT OUR COUNTRY, DISGRACE OUR FLAG and PUSH A RADICAL AGENDA on the rest of us!

+ + They are LYING and they are CENSORING the truth!

The fact is, almost everything we are being fed by the liberal media -- and certainly the SILICON VALLEY ELITES who control social media -- is all designed around the agenda of continuing the shutdown and causing as much disruption as possible before Election Day.

To make matters worse, the liberal-controlled media outlets are BANNING AND CENSORING conservative thought like never before. On Monday, a group of doctors held a press conference on Capitol Hill to offer a different view on the coronavirus crisis. Some of the doctors dared to mention that hydroxychloriquine is actually helping COVID patients -- a fact that has been CONFIRMED by recent studies (while the alleged "studies" against HCQ have been debunked and actually retracted).

MILLIONS watched the video on Facebook.

So Facebook REMOVED THE VIDEO. When Donald Trump Jr. tweeted out the video, his Twitter account was restricted.

This is happening more and more. Every day, the media, the Swamp and High Tech Elites OPENLY PROMOTE LIES. Their goal? DEFEAT DONALD TRUMP.

This is their end game. Don't be fooled!

So where does that leave us... with less than 100 days to the election?


That's why I'm writing to you today.

+ + Grassfire is fighting back, but we need YOUR HELP!

I believe GRASSFIRE is on the SHORT LIST of reliable, conservative, citizen networks, providing the truth in the midst of the lies.

Grassfire's voice is MORE IMPORTANT NOW THAN AT ANY TIME IN OUR HISTORY. Consider just the past few months:

  • We fought the impeachment lie by exposing the "Never Trump" hoax -- often with daily reports from our investigative team. We even set up an entire website to "Fight The Coup," chronicling hundreds of stories for our team members and providing critical action-items every step of the way.

  • Grassfire was among the FIRST to speak the truth about the COVID-19 threat, to put it in context, and to report the scientific findings, including that the virus was primarily impacting the elderly and those with serious health complications. Back in March, we reported that, yes, many thousands may die, but we should not shut down our society.

  • We spoke out strongly against the lockdown. We showed how quarantining healthy people was unprecedented and unconstitutional. We warned that MILLIONS would lose their jobs and millions could die BECAUSE of the lockdown.

  • For weeks, I personally produced almost daily video reports for our team to help sort through the lies of the Feardemic. Just now, other conservative sites are catching up to Grassfire and reporting facts related to this crisis that we exposed weeks ago.

  • Months ago, we called for Congress and the Justice Department to INVESTIGATE THE INVESTIGATORS and get to the bottom of the ObamaGate conspiracy. We have argued that high-level Democrats conspired to attack then-candidate and now-President Trump -- facts that have now been confirmed. And we're still pressing for REAL ACTION and REAL ACCOUNTABILITY.

  • We've spoken clearly and strongly on the anti-American, Marxist movement that is disrupting our nation right now. Radical Democrats, in lockstep with Antifa rioters, are attempting to redefine who we are as a nation. They want to defund the police, raise your taxes, shut down the economy, shutter schools and close down churches -- among other things. Grassfire has boldly and strongly STOOD FOR AMERICA and STOOD FOR OUR FLAG -- and we will continue to stand no matter how bad the attacks get!

The next three months will be THE MOST INTENSE SEASON OF LIES AND ATTACKS that we have ever seen. That's why I'm asking for your help.

I want to do even more between now and Election Day. I want to REACH at least 10 million conservative voters, and I want to RALLY an army of patriots to take back our nation.

But I urgently need your help right now.

As of this morning, we are still more than $10,000 SHORT OF OUR JULY BUDGET GOAL -- with less than three days to make up that shortfall.

I'm asking you to prayerfully consider helping Grassfire with this shortfall, so we can be a VOICE FOR TRUTH amidst the tidal wave of lies in our nation right now! Will you make a contribution today of $30, $50, $75, $100 or more to help Grassfire build for the fight of our lives? Go here to make your contribution:


This election -- and this entire year -- is coming down to a battle to define or re-define America. That's why we just finalized what may be our most important publication -- DEFENDING AMERICA'S GREATNESS.

This oversized, full-color, magazine-style publication -- created exclusively for our team members -- commemorates President Trump's historic Mt. Rushmore address. In that speech, President Trump made a profound case for America's Greatness in the face of radical opposition that tried to block and demean his address. The work also includes important speeches and words from America's greatest presidents.

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These are critical times. We are facing a tidal wave of lies and distortions from the radical Left. Their allies in Silicon Valley are outright BANNING and CENSORING conservative thought. We MUST DEFEND voices of truth like Grassfire.

Please help us make up our July shortfall and be sure to request Defending America's Greatness when you support our work.

Thanks in advance, and may God Bless America in these challenging times!

For life, liberty and limited government,

Steve Elliott, Founder

P.S. We are being bombarded with LIES like never before. That's why I just cancelled my cable. And it's why we must BAND TOGETHER and support the few sources of conservative truth that are left. Grassfire is fully engaged in the battles to protect and promote our nation's founding principles of life, liberty and limited government. Few organizations in the country can inform and equip hundreds of thousands of citizens like we can. But we urgently need your help to continue fighting until Election Day and beyond. Receive a special, limited-edition publication as our gift when you support our grassroots efforts this month. Please click here or on the banner below now to help Grassfire fight back and receive Defending America's Greatness as our gift in appreciation for your contribution of $30, $40 or more: