Your recent statement criticizing President Trump's Helsinki summit missed the bigger picture.

President Trump was reacting to 18 months of bogus "collusion" investigations that have been the result of the most partisan attacks against a President by Deep State and media forces we have ever seen. The fact is, Russia's efforts to influence our election are called... espionage. And it's not much different than U.S. espionage to impact other nations, notably by President Obama in places like Israel. Did you criticize Obama when he oversaw specific efforts to defeat the sitting Israeli Prime Minister?

And where were you when Obama was pandering to Cuban leaders, issuing what in essence was an apology on Japanese soil for Hiroshima, or bowing to the heads of state of foreign government across the globe?

While I may not agree with everything the President said, the level of outrage from the political class and the media has been ridiculous. Some have charged "treason." Some have called for immediate impeachment for "high crimes and misdemeanors." And many Republicans have leveled their harshest criticism of the President. Disagreement with the President is one thing. But to foment the anti-Trump hatred as a member of Congress is beyond the pale.