There's really no other way to say it: Grassfire is on the verge of losing the ideological war versus Big Tech and Joe's Regime. After more than two years of pushing back against the "America Last" agenda of radical, unhinged leftist and the D.C. Uniparty, we're facing a CRITICAL FINANCIAL NEED.

This has been another month that we've experienced a significant revenue shortfall. So with only four days left in August, we're asking team members, like you, to help Grassfire continue to amplify YOUR voice in the fight against the "Hate America" crowd.

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+ + Grassfire's Mission: REPORT TRUTH. TAKE ACTION.

TRUTH is EXACTLY why Grassfire exists -- and has for more than 20 years. The censorship of conservative voices across America continues at an alarming rate. "Hostile" email service providers block, "bounce" and censor "America First" updates (like ours), while social-media sites "shadowban," suppress and de-platform conservative content.

Despite that uphill battle, Grassfire remains fully committed and engaged in the battle for TRUTH, while promoting and protecting America's founding principles of life, liberty and limited government. Click here or on the banner below now to help us win the "war" to save the heart and soul of America:

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Your generous support empowers our grassroots efforts. With so much at stake, we want to keep equipping team members, like you, in the battle to save America.

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The future of our country is at stake. Grassfire is a conservative network of "American First" patriots working daily to provide email updates, news articles and action items to give you a voice in this fight.

Will you please consider partnering with us today with a gift of ANY AMOUNT? If so, click here now. Thanks, in advance, for your generous support today.

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The Grassfire Team

P.S. We rely on the generous financial support of team members, like you, to help us empower "America First" patriots to push back against Joe's Regime, Big Tech, the D.C. Swamp, FAKE NEWS, the Uniparty, the radical, unhinged Left, the Woke Mob, and the rest of the "Hate America" crowd. Please, go here now to help with ANY AMOUNT and receive an "American Eagle" ReSticker as our gift :

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