I just heard from Gary LeBlanc of Mercy Chefs. Gary's team is already on the ground in Maui and working to bring relief to wildfire victims and emergency workers.

Just $50 will help feed about 14 people. Go here to help feed Maui wildfire victims and see below for more details.

Steve Elliott, Grassfire

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From: Gary LeBlanc 
Subject: Hawaii death toll skyrockets; URGENT HELP NEEDED 
Date: August 10, 2023 at 10:39:22 AM EDT
To: Steve Elliott


Overnight, the death toll on Maui skyrocketed to 36 confirmed fatalities with thousands homeless and three massive fires still raging out of control.

+ + "Apocalyptic" fires

A videographer is calling the wildfires that have hit Maui "apocalyptic," noting that people are "jumping in the ocean to escape the flames." Reports indicate that local fire departments and hospitals have been overwhelmed. And with the fire being fueled by winds from Hurricane Dora hundreds of miles offshore, officials don't know where the fires will strike next.

+ + We have deployed help feed wildfire victims...

Mercy Chefs has immediately deployed to Hawaii. AS Mercy Chefs has secured a kitchen where we can serve all of the shelters on the far side of the island.

This is an unprecedented disaster for Hawaii, and thousands need help immediately.

Can you help TODAY? Please prayerfully consider how you can help. Then, go here to make your best gift to help those who are suffering in the Maui wildfires:

And please pray for the people on Maui along with emergency workers.

God bless,