After our warehouse staff found 200 "lost" Christmas prints earlier this month, we decided to contact patriotic artist Jon McNaughton to ask about their 2020 Trump Calendars. Our previous response to those unique, year-end items was so amazing (we sold 1,000 of them!) that we wanted to know if they had more available for our team members.

Thankfully, McNaughton's office said they still have several hundred. But to ship them to our team members in time for Christmas, we have to submit a final order on Monday. Otherwise, there just won't be enough time to get them to you before December 25.

This calendar is powerful and inspiring. It features the best of McNaughton's President Trump-inspired artwork for all of 2020 -- one of the most important election years ever! Click here or on the banner below to order now:

The first time we offered the "Believe in Freedom" 2020 Trump Calendar, many Grassfire team members requested THREE, FIVE, or even TEN of them. The initial response to this offer was so great that we had to revise our order TWICE! 

But this time, we only have one shot at getting the number of calendars right. That's why I need to hear from you ASAP -- to ensure to ensure that your calendar(s) are included in this final shipment. Go here to order.

While we plan to order a few extras, we simply can't afford to carry excess inventory this close to Christmas. Also, once we reach 2020, the demand for calendars drops significantly. So we need to get Monday's order as accurate as possible. Please click here to request your calendar(s) when you help Grassfire build!

Thanks, in advance, for your order.

The Grassfire Team

P.S. Your purchase helps Grassfire continue standing for the founding principles of liberty and limited government. When you purchase a Jon McNaughton "Believe in Freedom" 2020 Trump Calendar, you supports our efforts to amplify YOUR VOICE in Washington, D.C. But if you want one of these popular, patriotic calendars, we need to hear from you by Monday. So don't wait, order now! To request three or more calendars, click here to visit our bulk order page. To request one or two, click here or on the banner below:

   For bulk orders of 3 or more, go here now.