FINAL IMPEACHMENT VOTES -- Send 24 Faxes to Your Two Senators, the GOP Wafflers And Key Democrats Urging The Vote For Acquittal...

The final votes in the impeachment nightmare are IMMINENT!

Grassfire has UPDATED our "Wafflers" FaxFire that will deliver your fax message to your two Senators, the GOP Wafflers, and key Democrats (24 faxes in all!). Simply select your fax targets below to get started! (To see a complete list of Senators and their contact information, click here.)

Critical update: FINAL VOTES ON IMPEACHMENT ARE IMMINENT! We updated the fax letters to address this issue and need at least 150 team members to send 24 Faxes IMMEDIATELY!

Once you select your fax level, you will be directed to a page where you can customize your message and finalize your order.

Fax 19 Senate GOP Wafflers, three key Democrat Senators, plus your two Senators (up to 24 faxes).
Fax the above PLUS every remaining Senate Republican (up to 59 faxes).
Fax EVERY Member of the United States Senate (up to 101 faxes).