GOP Senators blast Equality Act as harmful and "dangerous"

Yesterday's Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on the so-called Equality Act was more than three hours and 20 minutes long. Senators and witnesses shared their views on H.R.5, a bill that conservatives view as dangerous and unacceptable. Why? Because the consequences of the pro-LGBTQ legislation threaten people of faith, women and girls, as well as born and unborn children.

It took nearly three hours until Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) was able to share his views on the "Equality" Act. But when his turn finally came, Cruz came out swinging. He warned that women’s and girls’ sports will be destroyed by the extreme, far-left policies of today’s Democrat Party:

"This bill reflects the radical Democrats war on women," Cruz insisted. "This bill is not a discrimination bill. The Democrats, when they’re talking about this bill, want to frame it as a discrimination bill. They don’t want to own the radical aspects of this bill.

"This bill is about mandating that biological males should be allowed to compete in girls' sports and women's sports, effectively repealing Title IX," he continued. "This bill is about suing pastors and churches if they teach biblical teachings on sexuality and morality. This bill is about suing you, an individual citizen, if you dare to speak and disagree with their mandated orthodoxy. This bill is about power, and this bill is dangerous."

Title IX is the landmark federal law passed in 1972 that, according to the U.S. Department of Education, "promises equal access to education for all students, and it protects them against discrimination on the basis of sex." Cruz praised the legislation for creating "an incredible revolution of girls’ sports and women’s sports in colleges and universities and in high schools and junior highs throughout this country."

As we've reported previously, the "Equality" Act (H.R.5) would harm women, girls, vulnerable children and people of faith. We told you earlier this week how the controversial pro-LGBTQ legislation also poses a significant risk to the unborn.

That's why millions of Americans want the Senate to defeat this radical, far-left bill in defense of religious liberty; to ensure a level playing field for women's and girls' sports; to validate the scientific difference between sex at birth and chosen gender; and to protect born and unborn children.

+ + If You Oppose The "Equality" Act, Demand GOP Senators Take Action To Stop It!

The "Equality" Act insists that pro-faith Americans CANNOT disagree with the radical Democrats' and Unhinged Left's extreme pro-LGBTQ agenda. It threatens to invalidate "The Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993" -- a crucial law passed to guarantee and protect the sincerely held beliefs of American Christians and other people of faith. The bill would also harm women and girls by erasing significant safety, privacy and equality rights.

Make no mistake: This legislation is one of the greatest threats to religious freedom America has EVER seen. If passed, it would impact churches, faith-based organizations (including adoption and foster-care providers), Christian businesses and Christian schools by forcing them to sacrifice their beliefs on the altar of "woke," pro-LGBTQ political correctness. Plus, its threat to women, girls, at-risk children and the unborn mean this bill CANNOT be ignored!

Click here or on the banner below to instantly send your personalized "Stop The 'Equality' Act!" faxes to Sen. Cruz and 49 other GOP Senators for just $30 :

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During yesterday's hearing, Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-MS) also spoke out against the "Equality" Act's harmful effects on women and girls. Like many Republicans, Hyde-Smith fears the legislation will undermine nearly 50 years of progress gained through Title IX.

"God loves every one of us," she insisted. "And every one of us are as His creation, and we should all be treated with kindness, respect and dignity. But ultimately, by pretending biological females and transwomen are the same for all purposes — which the Equality Act would do — we will move girls and women backward rather than forward."

Democrats tried to pass the "Equality" Act in 2019 and failed. H.R.5 passed the House last week with a simple majority, but the bill needs 60 votes to pass. That means, 10 GOP Senators must side with Democrats and vote "YES" for H.R.5 to become law.

If you oppose this anti-faith, anti-woman, anti-child legislation, make your voice heard! Use Grassfire's unique FaxFire system to send your personalized "Stop The 'Equality' Act!" message to Senators now. Click here or on the banner below to immediately fax ALL 50 Senate Republicans for only $30.

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For life, liberty and limited government,

The Grassfire Team

P.S. As America waits for a full Senate vote on the "Equality" Act, Senators on both sides of the aisle are expected to face intense pressure from Christians, LGBTQ activists and others. You can call on Republicans in the Upper Chamber to stand firm and stay united to protect religious freedom and the rights of women, girls, at-risk children and the unborn. Go here to fax now and demand Senators protect your rights:



Senate Judiciary Committee Holds Hearing on LGBTQ Rights Legislation (C-SPAN)

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  • Colin Stitt
    commented 2021-03-23 16:42:38 -0400
    I totally agree with Kb Cash’s description of faith. The massive problem of churches full of hypocrites is what has led to this whole mess in America. God demands that His kids live like Jesus. 1 Jn. 2:6 I spent nearly 20 years in America researching religion and never found one person living like Jesus. EVERY single ‘Christian’ I spoke to admitted to being a sinner, as did all the preachers and pastors. The whole bible repeatedly assures us that God cannot tolerate sin, and demands those who choose to follow Jesus cease sinning. I am a bible scholar and I could give you literally dozens of passages that confirm that. A couple come to mind: Jn. 8:34-36 & 1 Jn. 3:4-10. To be a Christian, one must be doing God’s will, denying one’s self, daily taking up one’s cross, and following [being a disciple of] Jesus. Disciples must obey everything Jesus told us [the great commission] which includes Mat. 5:48, to be perfect as His Father is perfect. Preachers all inform their hearers that they cannot possibly be perfect and will always sin. So they simply give their finger to God, and expect that He will give them a pass on that! Good luck with that. The first Church attracted sinners to their lifestyle and philosophy simply by living like Jesus. Today’s churches repel the lost due to gross hypocrisy and power struggles within the ranks. In fact, ‘Christianity’ as America has known it for 150 years, is rapidly declining because it has been teaching false doctrine and offering free salvation that costs the person nothing. It has not been transforming lives into new creations anywhere. I wrote a book about my time in America called A Nation Broken. Please read it with an open mind and heart to see the truth of God’s message of salvation. Amazon and B & N have it.
  • Brad L Hodges
    commented 2021-03-18 15:08:41 -0400
    If you care so much about issues like this why do you make it so damn hard and expensive to let our voices be heard? You supposedly have this great platform to contact Congress but your outrageous charges make it impossible for those on fixed incomes to participate! If you are so concerned about America why don’t you make it free to let our voices be heard in larger numbers? The fact you don’t leads me to believe you really are not as patriotic and concerned as you profess to be with all your unending daily emails! I think you’re just in it for the money, honestly. I’ve never seen you post any real results of supposed mass faxing campaigns or proof you even send them at all. Then to add insult to injury you had the gall to jack up your dubious fax prices from $15 to $30!!! What does that say about your greed? I’m blown away by your apparent false prophecy! Shame on you for putting money before real action. You have completely priced me out of activism!

    A disgusted citizen and patriot,

    Brad Hodges
  • Kb Cash
    commented 2021-03-18 11:11:58 -0400
    You poor hateful “people of faith.” There is nothing in the bill that threatens you, so why do you feel threatened?

    There will be a few situations in which athletes are mismatched. As I recall this is fairly common, leading to the entire “winner/loser” debate.

    I am sure you never bothered to look into the actual facts surrounding the issue, but when a biological male finds they are not mentally male, transition takes a lot out of the body. Beyond the obvious surgical issues, hormones to transition damage bone density and muscle mass.

    Along the same line, why do we never hear complaints of biological females performing against male athletes? Is the mis-match in your “favor” and not worth discussing?

    I am a man of Faith. My faith is not challenged or threatened by the existence of other beliefs. I am of the school that believes if your faith is threatened by the world, you never really had faith to begin with.
  • Tina Fox
    published this page in News 2021-03-18 08:51:25 -0400