Within minutes of releasing our "Stand With Israel?" poll yesterday, Grassfire staff received an email from the office of House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA). The subject line, "Democrats Abandon Israel While It’s Under Siege," immediately caught our attention. But what was inside the message made clear where House Republicans stand on the Holy Land:

The news from the Middle East reminds us of the grave threats that constantly surround Israel and the true dangers posed by Iran, Hamas, and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad. Sadly, many Democrats will not condemn the ceaseless attacks against the Israeli people. ...

The United States must stand with its strongest ally in the Middle East. Unlike Congressional Democrats, Republicans are committed to ensuring that the United States fully upholds its commitment to Israel.

Do you agree with Rep. Scalise? Should Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats do more to support our "strongest ally in the Middle East"? (See below to vote "YES!" or "NO!" now.)

The nation of Israel has been under constant attack for more than a week. ABC News reported this morning that Hamas terrorists have fired more than 3,700 rockets into the Holy Land over the past 10 days:

"The rockets were aimed at various Israeli cities, including Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, with some striking multiple homes as well as a school, a hospital and a bus."

America's greatest ally in the Middle East has been defending itself with their "Iron Dome" missile-defense system, which has been 90% effective. Still, Hamas rocket attacks have killed at least a dozen people and injured more than 300. Israel has responded by targeting terrorist strongholds.

ABC News says Israeli Defense Forces have "conducted over 1,450 airstrikes on the Gaza Strip since May 10," which reportedly have destroyed more than 1,000 houses and apartments, as well as dozens of government buildings, schools and businesses.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health claims the airstrikes in the Gaza Strip have displaced 40,000 families, injured 1,300 and killed more than 200. Nearly half the dead are said to be women and children, who Israel insists are often used by Hamas as "human shields."

The terror group is reportedly ready to agree to a conditional ceasefire. But Hamas started the violence, and Israel seems determined to finish it. ABC News spoke with an Israeli official who said: "We say to stop prematurely is to give Hamas the victory it wants. ... Hamas has to come out of this defeated."

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