Huge anti-vaccine protests continued over the weekend in Paris and other European cities. Thousands of demonstrators are fighting against the French government's vaccine mandates and immunization passports. On Saturday, massive crowds called for France's president, Emmanuel Macron, to resign over his coronavirus policies.

Demonstrations in other parts of Europe saw protestors demand an end to vaccine tyranny and newly imposed COVID lockdowns. ZeroHedge has compiled video and photos from several large, anti-vax crowds this weekend in Ireland, England, Italy and France. (See the link below.)

Also this weekend, a reported 15,000 "Aussies" marched in Sydney, demanding an end to a newly imposed lockdown there. Government officials shut down the country's largest city after 111 new coronavirus cases and one 82-year-old man died from the virus last week. Again, one COVID fatality led to a new two-week, stay-at-home order that affects millions of Australians.

Across Europe and "Down Under," protestors clashed with police; condemned "tyranny"; and demanded "freedom" and "the truth." Are similar demonstrations likely to materialize in America if the Biden administration and its radical, far-left allies enforce similar COVID-coercion tactics?

So far, threats to force Americans to get "the jab" have resulted mostly in outraged "anti-vaxxers" speaking out via social media and on conservative talk radio/podcasts. For now, the U.S. has managed to avoid mass protests like the ones seen around the globe this past weekend.

But prominent businesses, hospitals and media companies are imposing vaccine requirements on their employees. Many workers face termination if they don't comply and submit to the "jab police."

Pro-liberty Americans have a lot of work to do in the battle against vaccine tyranny. That's why Grassfire is empowering our team members to fight back against the Biden regime's and the radical Left's COVID coercion.

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Radical Democrats, the Unhinged Left and the "woke" mobs on social media and in FAKE NEWS will use their fear of COVID-19 as a virtue signal, hoping to force every American to conform to their wishes. While Grassfire believes that anyone who wants or needs a coronavirus vaccine should get one, mandating it for every man, woman and child in the U.S. is a blatant violation of the Constitution.

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The Grassfire Team

P.S. Please note, while Grassfire believes that the elderly and high-risk groups can benefit from COVID immunizations, U.S. citizens should NOT be pressured or forced to take ANY vaccine they don't want. If you think the Biden regime might mandate coronavirus immunizations, you can take immediate action to defend the constitutional rights of EVERY American. Urge GOP Senators to fight Joe Biden's vaccine tyranny! Click here or on the banner below to tell Senate Republicans: "No Jab Mandate!" Fax 50 GOP lawmakers for only $30, or reach EVERY member of the U.S. Senate (100 faxes) for just $50: