Dear Republican Lawmaker,


With so many problems from massive illegal immigration at home, America does NOT need to continue sending BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars into a conflict that could turn into World War III! Joe Biden's and the D.C. Uni-Party's infatuation with their proxy war against Russia comes as record numbers of alien invaders (a reported seven million since Joe's Regime ascended to power) threaten America's sovereignty, security and way of life.


I'm faxing today to demand that you tell Joe Biden: "Stop Protecting The Wrong Border!" As Americans, we can strongly condemn Russian aggression, support Ukraine's sovereignty and still demand Joe's Regime protect our nation's borders. The U.S. is facing an invasion of its own that needs to end. Currently,


America is facing a literal invasion. Tens of thousands of "migrants" (mostly healthy, young men of military age) are illegally crossing our southern border every week with no end in sight. When will it be enough for Joe and his far-Left cabal?! When we have no nation and no border left?!


Capitol Hill should NOT commit one more American tax dollar to the Ukraine-Russia proxy war, while ignoring the crisis at our own border. Please take immediate action to ensure the Biden regime prioritizes protecting our border first BEFORE handing MORE taxpayer money to Ukraine! Please note that I will monitor Republican response to my urgent call to action. Thank you for your time and attention to this crucial, national-security issue.




A Concerned, Taxpaying American