Dear Senator,


I writing to urge you to SUPPORT the House Resolution -- the "Israel Assistance Security Support Act" -- that condemns Biden's unconstitutional threat to withhold military aid as part of your efforts to stand with Israel and stop the Biden Administration's blatant anti-Israel policies.


President Biden has crossed a line in his anti-Israel policies. He also is crossing a Constitutional line that would open him up for further investigation and even possible impeachment if he does not, for political purposes, fully fund what Congress and the law have authorized.


Even CNN commentator, Scott Jennings, recognized this fact: "We impeached the president of the United States for withholding military aid authorized by Congress from Ukraine, $400 million.... That was the basis of the impeachment. This is congressionally authorized military aid to our ally, and he [Biden] is withholding it for political reasons.”


I urge you to take action to tell Biden to stop playing politics with the lawful aid to Israel -- or he will face consequences including possible impeachment.