Dear Republican Representative,


On the day before a visit by Israel President Isaac Herzog to address Congress, Speaker Kevin McCarthy called for a House vote that asked Representatives from both parties to declare where they stand on Israel. The 412-9 vote was an overwhelming show of support for America's greatest ally in the Middle East.


I'm faxing today to tell you that "I Stand With Israel!" The July 18 vote was an opportunity for Republican AND Democrat Representatives to rebuke recent and past anti-Semitic comments made by "progressive" House members. Please count me among the millions of Americans who proudly say, "I Stand With Israel!"


As a GOP House member, your support for Israel is essential to the sovereignty and security of the Jewish state. To commemorate the nation's 75th anniversary, I invite you to join me in declaring: "I Stand With Israel!" Thank you, in advance, for continuing to honor the Holy Land and its people.




A Patriotic American and Supporter of Israel