Dear Senator,


The House Republicans' plan to provide $14 BILLION in aid to Israel is brilliant. I fully support taking those funds from the $80 BILLION earmarked for the IRS in the so-called Inflation Reduction Act. The effort to re-direct those funds is infuriating the D.C Uni-Party. Why? Because Democrats and Establishment RINOs want Israel aid to be included in a $106 BILLION Biden boondoggle that also funds Joe's proxy war against Russia in Ukraine.


I hope you'll join me in supporting the bipartisan, standalone House bill that helps Israel, using taxpayer dollars meant for the IRS. U.S. support for Israel is essential to the sovereignty and security of the Jewish state. I'm faxing today to stand with America's greatest ally in the Middle East, and I urge you to join me in supporting Israel's efforts to stop Hamas terrorists who carried out the recent, unprecedented and horrifying terror attacks on civilians in the Holy Land.


As an American citizen, I support the Jewish state's undeniable right to exist. Please support this legislation that will help Israel heal, while holding the terrorists behind the barbaric attacks accountable for their actions. Count me among the millions of Americans who proudly say, "I Stand With Israel!" Thank you, in advance, for honoring the Holy Land and its people.




A Patriotic, American Taxpayer and Supporter of Israel