Dear Senator,


I'm faxing today to demand you take action to stop any and all COVID "jab" mandates for children. It's time for freedom-loving Americans to rise up and protect our kids from the Biden regime's endless COVID tyranny. The CDC's ill-informed, unscientific and shocking UNANIMOUS vote last month to recommend COVID "vaccines" be added to the child-immunization schedule is dangerous and unacceptable.


If Americans think the Biden Regime's COVID tyranny is over, We the People can think again! After two years of unnecessary and unconstitutional business shutdowns, school closures, "vaccine" mandates, censorship and worse, some on the radical, unhinged Left are calling for "pandemic amnesty." How is that even possible when the CDC is STILL trying to mandate "the jab"? I'm rising up with millions of other "America First" patriots to "Protect Our Kids!"


The CDC's own data reveals that coronavirus isn't a serious threat to children, and current COVID "vaccines" don't prevent people from getting the virus OR transmitting it. Coronavirus is NOT and has never been a serious threat to children. Young people, even non-immunized ones, are seldom hospitalized or die from COVID. Also, the world has learned recently that these so-called "vaccines" don't prevent people from getting the virus OR transmitting it. In fact, mounting evidence suggests these therapeutics could do more harm than good, especially in children! 


I stand with liberty-loving parents and grandparents making their voices heard in the fight against forced immunization. Mandating them has always been unnecessary, and it's especially true for children. While I support every American's right to make their own vaccine decisions, "jab" mandates are outrageous and unacceptable. Again, protect our kids and stop any and all COVID jab mandates for children. Please note, I will be monitoring the Senate's response to this important call to action. Thank you for your time and attention.




A Freedom-Loving, American Taxpayer