Dear Member of Congress,


I am outraged that President Biden and the radical Left have pushed our nation to the brink of default on our debts. I'm faxing to demand you vote "NO!" on the so-called "Fiscal Responsibility Act." This debt-limit "deal" may result in a nominal 0.1% drop in spending, but it's just for next year. In 2025, it ramps up again! Also, adjusted for inflation, spending in 2024 will be higher!


Sen. Rand Paul calls the bill: "Fake conservatives agree to fake spending cuts. ... No real cuts to see here. Conservatives have been sold out once again!" I agree. He also says this legislation increases mandatory spending approximately 5%, grows military spending by a paltry 3% and maintains current non-military discretionary spending at ALREADY INFLATED post-COVID levels. Also, this "dirty" debt-limit "deal" keeps 98% of the $80 billion in funding to weaponize the IRS!


Decades of runaway spending by the federal government – accelerated under the Biden presidency -- has led to skyrocketing inflation, rising fuel costs and pushed the U.S. economy to recession. Despite the clear excesses of Big Government, which include bankrolling a "proxy war" against Russia in Ukraine and financing record-breaking illegal immigration, Democrats and RINOs insist on sticking to their same failed playbook: "Spend, spend, spend America into prosperity!"


It doesn't work! That's why I'm calling on you to vote "NO!" on the so-called "Fiscal Responsibility Act." Please note that "America First" patriots, like me, will be monitoring your response to this important call to "Stop The Spending Insanity!" in Washington, D.C. and will vote accordingly. Thank you for your time and attention to this critical issue.




A Taxpaying, American Citizen