Thanksgiving Day is less than three weeks away! Our colonial-era "Appeal To Heaven" flags are a perfect addition to your holiday celebration. Click here to order now, or see our update below.

The "Appeal To Heaven" flag dates back to colonial America. So does Thanksgiving. Pilgrims held their first celebration feast in 1621 -- one year after the Mayflower arrived in Plymouth, Massachusetts. For 150 years after that, the white pines of New England were an important resource for the colonies.

In 1772, Britain's "Timber for the Navy Act" allowed the King to take an unlimited number of those tall trees for ship masts and booms. Colonists reacted so negatively, it became a prelude to the Revolutionary War. New Hampshire's infamous "Pine Tree Riot" occurred one year before the Boston Tea Party and three years before the Battles of Lexington and Concord.

According to, the white pine was placed on flags of the American Revolution to remind the colonies of the overreach of the government. George Washington, Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army, flew the "Appeal To Heaven" (or "Pine Tree") flag in October 1775, as "a symbol of solidarity, conviction and encouragement to fight for liberty."

When Grassfire staff found the "Appeal To Heaven" flag and learned its history, we knew "America First" patriots would want to fly this banner high. Why? Because even after 250 years, the "Pine Tree" flag STILL represents resistance to tyranny, desire for independence and America's reliance on God.

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P.S. Unfurling the "Appeal To Heaven" flag outside their home, office, church or school will be an amazing conversation starter during Thanksgiving dinner with your family, friends and neighbors about the history of our great nation. Share your faith in God and pride in America at the same time! Click here or on the banner below to reserve the historic and patriotic "Pine Tree" flag in appreciation for your contribution of $25, $50 or more to help Grassfire build:


Appeal to Heaven

The Story Behind the Pine Tree Flags of the American Revolution