Take immediate action to demand Speaker Johnson "STOP PUNTING!" on runaway government spending!

The D.C Uni-Party passed ANOTHER dirty, backroom deal with a continuing resolution (CR) that finances the "Hate America" agenda of Joe, Nancy and Chuck. Just weeks earlier, House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) called "operating by CRs... a dereliction of duty," but he did it anyway!

If you're tired of Speaker Johnson and the D.C. Uni-Party continuing to "punt" on SPENDING SCAMS, make your voice heard! Grassfire is empowering you to "autograph" a symbolic fiscal football by signing our national "Letter of Authenticity." Demand the House Speaker and other so-called GOP "conservatives" STOP PUNTING!

Complete the form to sign or text PUNT to 757-702-5157.

Grassfire will reach out to "America First" House members and ask them to hand-deliver this fiscal football to Speaker Johnson's office before the Super Bowl. He had the opportunity to march down the field and score a "touchdown" for We the People against the SPENDING SCAM! Instead, he "punted" and let the D.C. Uni-Party win AGAIN by passing another CR. "Autograph" the STOP PUNTING national "Letter of Authenticity" to make your voice heard!

The national "Letter of Authenticity" states:

Speaker Johnson,

Republicans should NOT be taking money from hardworking American taxpayers to grow government bigger and bigger and bigger. The GOP should be fighting to rein in the runaway federal spending that has resulted in crushing national debt, ballooning deficits, skyrocketing inflation and rising interest rates. STOP PUNTING the "fiscal football" down the field with continuing resolutions that you called "a dereliction of duty." Take action to protect the future of our children and grandchildren by governing like a true, constitutional-conservative House Speaker. Pass a budget! No more CRs!


We the People

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