AG Garland spoke this afternoon, saying he "personally approved" the FBI's Armed Raid of President Trump's Mar-A-Lago home. But it's what Garland DIDN'T SAY that is the problem...

Why did the AG "personally approve" a MASSIVE RAID on a former President -- the first such raid against a president in American history -- for a document search? The massive raid doesn't in any way fit the alleged "crime"!

And of course, On-Vacation Biden didn't know ANYTHING about this, and didn't even know Garland was going to speak! This is sounding more and more like a massive coverup of a political Witch Hunt against President Trump with each passing minute!

We must have answers! As Lindsey Graham tweeted, we need to know what was "the predicate for the search." 

Action #1 -- Fax Congress NOW and demand an end to this Witch Hunt against President Trump

We have discounted this FaxFire by over 40% so everyone can take part. Go here to schedule faxes to 40 GOP senators and a dozen GOP reps demanding answers on the FBI's raid of President Trump:

+ + Action #2 -- Call Wray and Garland and demand real answers

After you send your faxes, take a minute to call DOJ and FBI headquarters and demand that Garland and Wray answer for this outrageous raid:

  • FBI HQ: 202-324-3000
  • DOJ HQ: 202-514-2000

For life, liberty and limited government,


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