"Dr. Television" has been laying low for the past few weeks, not granting as many interviews as when the FEARDEMIC began. Dr. Anthony Fauci "went dark" after thousands of his controversial emails were released to the public last month. Those messages indicate U.S. taxpayers funded research at the Chinese lab where COVID-19 may have originated.

But, as the Biden regime ramps up their vaccine tyranny, Dr. Anthony Fauci is back. The White House has placed him in front of the cameras again to call for unconstitutional, un-American "jab" mandates. Here's an excerpt of what he told CNN's Jake Tapper on Sunday:

"I have been of this opinion, and I remain of that opinion, that I do believe at the local level, Jake, there should be more mandates. There really should be. ... I think the hesitancy at the local level of doing mandates is because the vaccines have not been officially fully approved. ... And I think when you do see the official [FDA] approval, you'll see a lot more mandates."

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The Biden regime didn't reach their July Fourth goal of vaccinating 70% of Americans with at least one dose. But radical Democrats, the Unhinged Left and the "woke" mob are fighting even harder -- along with their corrupt partners in Big Tech and FAKE NEWS -- to take away your rights!

That's why they're taking their vaccine coercion to a new level, going door to door to harass Americans, while also bringing back Dr. Fauci and trying to scare the American people into submitting.

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For life, liberty and limited government,

The Grassfire Team

P.S. Please note that Grassfire supports voluntary coronavirus immunization, especially for the elderly and those with certain preexisting conditions. But we also believe that FORCING Americans to get ANY vaccine is unconstitutional. As the Biden regime continues pushing their aggressive, tyrannical agenda, you can tell Senators to stop the radical, unhinged Left's "COVID coercion"! Go here to send your personalized "No Jab Mandate!" faxes to Capitol Hill now: