Grassfire staff have been following The Gateway Pundit’s extensive and excellent coverage this week of alleged voter fraud in the 2020 election. One of their recent articles features an eyeopening and, quite frankly, disturbing video about the "Drop and Roll" technique reportedly used to steal votes from President Trump and give them to Joe Biden. (Click here to watch.)

The Gateway Pundit insists: "The numbers don’t lie. The election was stolen."

Another article posted yesterday features a computer expert's deep dive into election data. (Links to both stories are below.) The report says "the steal was MASSIVE" and that "hundreds of thousands of Trump votes were shifted to Biden on election night!"

The Gateway Pundit's founder, Jim Hoft, personally sent Grassfire a link to the story. It says the data expert found "statistically impossible" voting patterns and that "fraud occurred in every state." Here's an excerpt:

An expert on Twitter with the name @redpillx2 shared his results... on how the 2020 election was fixed for Joe Biden.

We agree with his overall thesis – this is 2020 – the major election fraud occurred in the data maintained and massaged within the voting system.

Looking at dead people voting is good, but the gorilla sleeps in the data, the machines and the software. 

Hoft said, "We've sent our work to the Trump camp." Hopefully, that information will help the President's legal team strengthen their case to expose the massive voter fraud alleged in this election. ANY ballot harvesting, ballot stealing, ballot tampering and ballot "drops" MUST be brought to light to STOP THE STEAL!

+ + The Fight To "Stop The Steal!" Is Far From Over!

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Since Election Day, our Commander-in-Chief and members of his campaign have been calling on states to count ONLY LEGAL VOTES. Our Commander-in-Chief is convinced (along with tens of millions of other Americans) that, if ALL ILLEGAL VOTES are thrown out, he'll win in a landslide.

Grassroots patriots MUST keep fighting to urge GOP leaders to support President Trump and his legal team. Take action now to demand House and Senate Republicans expose any and all voter fraud. Thank you, in advance, for standing with America's Commander-in-Chief today.

For life, liberty and limited government,

The Grassfire Team

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"Drop and Roll" — How The 2020 Election Was Stolen From President Donald Trump (Gateway Pundit)

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: The Steal Was MASSIVE! – Expert Reveals How Hundreds of Thousands of Trump Votes Were Shifted to Biden on Election Night! (Gateway Pundit)