Dear Member of Congress,


I oppose the current efforts to pass key aspects of the Equality Act in a piecemeal manner.


By embedding key components of the Equality Act in several pieces of must-pass legislation, the main points of the Act could soon become law. These bills could impact churches, religious organizations, and Christian schools -- and anyone who dares to stand for traditional ideals of male and female.


The bills being used to pass aspects of the Equality Act are:

  • Do No Harm Act (HR 1450) which guts the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) in favor of protections for LGBT individuals
  • Refund Equality Act (HR 3234, S 1564) which funnels millions to same-sex couples
  • Customer Non-Discrimination Act (HR 2587) makes every public restroom open to same-sex or transgender individuals, while also gutting RFRA
  • Stronger Abuse Prevention And Treatment Act (HR 2480) which guts parental rights and empower adolescents to choose and and pursue their gender without parental knowledge or consent.


These bills undermine religious liberties and parental rights while forcing taxpayers to fund the LGBT agenda.


I urge you to oppose these piecemeal approaches to pass the essence of the Equality Act.




A Concerned Citizen