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In a surprising turn of events, Gregory Angelo, a gay conservative and former president of Log Cabin Republicans rallied 100 LGBT leaders to lobby Senate Republicans to vote AGAINST THE EQUALITY ACT. Angelo delivered his letter to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's office earlier this month which resulted in a "very encouraging conversation."

Even as LGBT leaders oppose the Equality Act, this battle is just beginning! That's why, on Thursday morning, Grassfire is delivering our petition opposing the anti-faith Equality Act to Senate leadership ahead of their July 4 week-long recess. 

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Based on superstar Taylor Swift's video portrayal of people opposed to the Equality Act, Swift has maliciously judged millions of Americans who hold to certain biblical values as backward thinking buffoons and ignorant bigots. I'm sure she would've incorporated the word "deplorables" if it hadn't already been used.

Yet, here is what Taylor Swift and over 350,000 of her pro-Equality Act petition signers fail to understand – or simply choose to dismiss:

The Equality Act is not about equality! It’s government-imposed ideology and unfairness.

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Taylor Swift is doubling down on her Equality Act crusade.

Earlier today, the pop sensation with over 100 million followers on Facebook released a new song and music video as part of her crusade to get the Equality Act passed.

The video is full of cameos from a "Who's Who" of the LGBT movement, and the lyrics directly target anyone who dares to disagree with the radical same-sex agenda. As one commentator said, the video "not-so-subtly implies that anti-gay protestors are ignorant bigots who can’t spell."

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It's the nightmare that every parent fears.... the state comes and takes your child away from you.

Why? Because you refused to consent to your teenage child receiving sex-change therapies or having a sex-change operation!

The same child who is not old enough to VOTE, or serve in the military, or drink alcohol, or donate blood, or play the lottery, or buy cigarettes, or consent to sex with someone over 18, or get their ears pierced or a tattoo, or possibly even drive a car CAN HAVE A LIFE-ALTERING SEX CHANGE OPERATION WITHOUT PARENTAL KNOWLEDGE OR CONSENT!

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Don't get complacent.

At the current pace, we will lose the battle over the Equality Act.

The LGBT activists are using "Equality" Month to push their agenda and rally masses of people in support of the bill. Pop sensation Taylor Swift launched a petition earlier this month and already has 150,000 signers. In contrast, we're still short of our 20,000 petition goal.

And now Democrat presidential candidates are openly pushing for "bathroom rights" for transgenders in public places, including our schools. 

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