Emergency Money ($6k a month) for the people

Finallly.... some "Emergency Money For The People" -- $6k/month for a family of four! That's awesome! Now that the government has caused an economic meltdown, they can use the crisis to create a societal meltdown! Go here for more: grassfire.com/coronavirus_counterdrudge

Posted by Stand With Liberty on Thursday, April 23, 2020

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  • Olga Alvarado
    commented 2020-04-25 23:38:06 -0400
    I have been more than a little suspicious of all of this since the beginning. I work on the ground in the “healthcare” setting. I have watched this “pandemic” cause everything from mass exodus by panicked healthcare workers, employers unwilling to provide PPE to employees you name it. This is not to cast a shadow on all the people who “showed up” and did their best to meet the needs of others. But I did see some of the “shadows” of the human condition brought on by (my humble opinion) unbridled fear. I have watched the mainstream “fear mongers” formally known as mass media tell us how bad this pandemic is and I have seen the reality ( albeit in my little corner of the world). As for the ventilator situation, there are so many factors that could be looked at (I am not a doctor ) but I do know a little about ventilators and to say that the failure of these machines in solely based on the patients comorbidities………… well , I will leave that right there. My fear has always been the precedent this is setting for future crises (and we know there will be some). Thank you for your perspective , it does align with the “reality” I currently find myself living through. May God have mercy on us all.