Dirty Debt Deal: here's how we've been "sold out" again...

Over the weekend (just as Grassfire warned), McCarthy and Team Biden joined together to agree to a  DIRTY DEBT DEAL that actually INCREASES spending (despite the claims).

One conservative site calls the deal a "TOTAL FARCE." Here's what Sen. Rand Paul tweeted: "No real cuts to see here. Conservatives have been sold out once again!" (emphasis added)

Here are the facts...

  • Dirty Deal does NOT cut spending. This GOP "uniparty" deal with the Swamp AT BEST "cuts" spending by .2% of GDP. But that "cut" is another DIRTY TRICK because they're using baseline budgeting -- they first give all federal spending an INFLATION INCREASE and then "cut" a little bit of the increase! THIS IS ALL PART OF THE GOVERNMENT SPENDING SCAM!!!
  • Dirty Deal keeps 98% of Joe's IRS weaponization. That's right. The deal barely trims the $80 billion Joe added to the IRS


If you OPPOSE the DIRTY DEBT DEAL, then your first critical action is RIGHT NOW...

This afternoon the HOUSE RULES COMMITTEE will meet and must first approve the DIRTY DEBT DEAL to send it to the House floor for a vote. THREE FREEDOM CAUCUS ALIGNED members of the committee can possibly STOP the DIRTY DEBT DEAL if they vote NO. 

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