Dear Member of Congress,


The international community, led by the United States Congress, must launch an investigation into what China knew about the virus and what it did (or didn't do) to stop it. Then, world leaders must force the Chinese government to pay restitution to COVID-19 victims and to the global economy. 


I'm faxing you today to demand the American government hold China accountable for the death and destruction caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Chinese Communist Party's lies, secrecy and inaction are directly responsible for coronavirus sickening millions and killing hundreds of thousands. The devastating economic impact of the pandemic has stretched into trillions of dollars.


China's actions and inactions allowed COVID-19 to spread around the world to infect 3.7 million people, kill 261,000 and cost trillions of dollars in economic losses due to global lockdowns and shutdowns. And the virus STILL isn't contained! The American government MUST take the lead in holding the communist Chinese government accountable for the human and economic costs of this global pandemic.


There's evidence the regime lied about where the deadly virus originated; that they arrested whistle-blowers who sounded the alarm; and even refused early help from the CDC to contain the pandemic. In what's possibly the most egregious act of all, the Chinese government shut down domestic flights in and out of Wuhan BEFORE stopping international flights!


I urge you to use your influence as a duly elected member of the U.S. Congress to call for and enact legislation that will investigate China as soon as possible. Please note, I will closely monitor your actions related to holding the communist Chinese government accountable for the death and destruction of COVID-19.




A Concerned U.S. Taxpayer