The fight to get kids back into the classroom is intensifying as the start of the school year gets closer every day. Many Democrats and leftist teachers' unions are claiming, hysterically, that it's not safe to re-open. But unless a teacher or student has a comorbidity or preexisting health condition, the facts don't back up their claim at all.

The CDC said last month that children "are far less likely to suffer severe symptoms. Death rates among school-aged children are much lower than among adults. ... Aside from a child’s home, no other setting has more influence on a child’s health and well-being than their school." In fact, CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield says students are five to ten times MORE likely to die from the flu than from COVID-19!

"(T)he public-health interest of these children is served by getting these schools open," Redfield argues. "The greater risk is actually, to the nation, to keep these schools closed. A lot of kids get their mental health services, over seven million, in school. A lot of people get food and nutrition in schools. Schools are really important in terms of mandatory reporting [of] sexual and child abuse. ... I think, actually, a majority of kids, their learning in a face-to-face school is the most effective method of teaching." 

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Keeping classrooms shuttered is NOT necessary to protect students and teachers. Science has shown again and again that children are not at great risk from COVID.

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For life, liberty and limited government,

The Grassfire Team

P.S. America doesn't need to extend draconian lockdowns and shutdowns to reduce the threat of COVID-19. There's a lot we can do to protect those most at risk while still allowing children to return to the classroom. Take a stand and make your voice heard by faxing now! Click here or on the banner below to demand lawmakers "Get Kids Back To School!" To see a list of FaxFire targets and their contact information, go here.