Sign The National Petition To Demand Joe Biden: "Bring Our People Home!"

Afghanistan is, once again, under the full control of Taliban terrorists. Due to the failures and impotence of Joe Biden and his administration, thousands of Americans are stranded in and around Kabul, the capital city, with no real plan or strategy to get them out!

You can demand Senators pressure the Biden regime to find and evacuate every U.S. citizen stranded in Afghanistan! Sign the "Bring Our People Home!" national petition now and call on members of the Upper Chamber to take bold, immediate action.

Petition: "Bring Our People Home!"

An estimated 15,000 American citizens are currently stranded in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. From the beginning of this international crisis, Joe Biden and his weak, ill-prepared administration dragged their feet on an evacuation plan -- if they even had one. I urge you, Senator, to take bold, immediate action to bring our people home! Also, Mr. Biden, Kamala Harris and the entire Biden regime MUST be held accountable for their failures and dereliction of duty during this massive foreign-policy crisis.

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