The results are in for Grassfire's "Tucker Carlson: Right or Wrong?" FlashPoll. Over the past few days, we've asked our team members to make their voices heard. What they've said is that Grassfire Nation overwhelmingly supports the former FOX News host and his view on censorship. Here's the final tally:

Yes, Tucker is right about silencing conservatives: 97.4%

No, Tucker is wrong about censorship in America: 2.6%

When FOX fired Tucker last week, it struck a nerve with the American people. Why? Because there's now one less voice for truth in our national media. Last week, Grassfire analyzed what Tucker's dismissal means for our great nation.

If you missed that important message, you'll find it here. If you've read that email, please consider forwarding it to a family member or friend so they know what's at stake in the fight to save America.

Thanks, in advance, for taking a stand today to support our nation's founding principles of life, liberty or limited government.

The Grassfire Team