This afternoon, multiple news outlets began reporting that Joe will finally give a speech (or at least deliver a statement) about "BalloonGate." After a week of shooting "spy balloons" and "UFOs" out of the sky, it's about time the American people heard from their so-called "Commander-in-Chief." If Joe does finally address the nation, it's most likely to happen before he leaves the U.S. for Poland on Monday.

Quoting "two senior administration officials," ABC News reports: "Under political pressure from Democrats as well as Republicans, President Joe Biden is considering giving a speech in the coming days to address the Chinese spy balloon and the three other shot-down objects."

Last week, the House voted 419-0 in support of a resolution "(c)ondemning the Chinese Communist Party's use of a high-altitude surveillance balloon over United States territory as a brazen violation of United States sovereignty." What has Joe done? Reuters reports, "He has made few public comments about the situation, leaving it up to White House officials to talk about it."

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